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Achmed has a problem

Cheap workout
Smart cat
motorcycle cases are so dangerous.

Can you tell me how many people come through the door?

Car dancing

catches an illegal Mexican
A US Border Patrol Agent catches an illegal Mexican in the bushes right by the border fence, he pulls him out and says "Sorry, you know the law, you've got to go back across the border right now."
The Mexican man pleads with them, "No, noooo Senor, I must stay in de USA! Pleeeze!"
The Border Patrol Agent thinks to himself, I'm going to make it hard for him and says "Ok, I'll let you stay if you can use three english words in a sentence. The three words are 'green,' 'pink,' and 'yellow.'"
The Mexican man thinks , then says, "Hmmm, okay. The phone, it went green, green, green. I pink it up and sez yellow?"
What is that smell
Spaghetti monster
Trying to get on the ice

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